I fratelli Grimm ne hanno scritte di fiaba e leggende! E noi li siamo molto grati, le favole sono necessarie, e non passano mai di moda!
Nel rileggerne una in particolare abbiamo scoperto che...

La mamma di Cappuccetto Rosso non solo da alla bambina la focaccia da portare alla nonna, ma le da anche una bella bottiglia di vino!!! Infatti la mamma mica è preoccupata solo per Cappuccetto Rosso sola soletta, è preoccupata se la piccola si addentra nel bosco e cadendo rompe  la bottiglia!
Il lupo poi non lo incontra nel bosco: lei è una bambina obbediente e rispetta le regole, il lupo lo incontra lungo la strada, è lui che la persuade ad andare per il bosco, poi nel finale cosa succede? Il lupo muore, il cacciatore si prende la sua pelle e la nonna si scola la bella bottiglia di vino che le aveva portato la cara nipotina!!! Tutto avremmo immaginato tranne che la nonna di Cappuccetto Rosso si fosse ubriacata dopo la storia del lupo!!! la storia non finisce qui! Ai bambini e anche a noi viene raccontata con un finale diverso e senza seguito ed invece le avventure della nonna e Cappuccetto Rosso non finiscono qui! Leggete per intero la fiaba se ne avete voglia! ( tranquilli, è breve!!!)

Anna e CriStiano

Cappuccetto Rosso (Libro Primo) - I fratelli Grimm

"There once was a sweet little girl just saw her liked her all right, and her grandmother did not know what to give . Once she gave her a little cap of red velvet , and because it suited her so much , and she did not want to take anything else , always called her Little Red Riding Hood . One day her mother said to her: "Come, Little Red Riding Hood , here's a piece of cake and a bottle of wine, portals to the grandmother is sick and weak and refresh you . Be polite, say hello for me, and should be ' good to go out without street , if you fall down and break the bottle, and the grandmother remains empty-handed. "Yeah , I'll do everything right, " he promised Little Red Riding Hood to her mother , and gave her his hand . The grandmother lived out in the woods , half an hour from the village. When Little Red Riding Hood entered the wood , she met the wolf , but did not know what a wicked animal he was , and was not afraid . "Good morning , Little Red Riding Hood ," he said this . "Thank you, wolf. " - " Where are you going so early, Little Red Riding Hood ? " - " From Grandmother . " - " What have you got in your apron ? " - " Cake and wine for the weak and the old grandmother ; yesterday we baked the bread , so will strengthen ! " - " Where does your grandmother , Little Red Riding Hood ? " - "A good quarter of an hour from here , in the woods , under the three large oak trees , and there is his home , is under the hazel bush , you'll know already , " said Little Red Riding Hood . The wolf thought to himself ' : This girl is a tender one tasty bite for you, you must make sure you catch it . He took a piece of the road with Little Red Riding Hood , and then said : " Look at ' there are many beautiful flowers in the woods , Little Red Riding Hood , because, do not you look around ? Believe that you do not hear how sweetly the little birds are singing ! You stand along as though you went to school, and is so cheerful in the woods! "
Little Red Riding Hood raised her eyes , and when she saw the sunbeams filtering through the trees , and all around full of beautiful flowers , she thought : If I bring her grandmother a bouquet of flowers, will be pleased , that so early arrival is still time. And ran into the woods in search of flowers. And when she picked one , believed that further there was one more beautiful , ran there and so you deeper and deeper into the woods. But the wolf ran straight to the grandmother's house and knocked on the door . " Who is it? " - "Red Riding Hood , I bring you cake and wine open to me . " - " You have only to lift the latch, " called out the grandmother , " I am too weak and can not get up . " The wolf lifted the latch , came in, and without saying a word he went straight to the grandmother's bed and swallowed . Then he put on his clothes and headphones , and lay down in the bed, and pulled the curtains .
Little Red Cap had run after flowers , and when he had gathered all that he could carry no more , she remembered her grandmother , and set out to go to her. When he arrived , he marveled that the door was wide open, and upon entering the room was so strange impression that he thought, " Oh , my God, that fear today! , And say that I'm usually so happy with my grandmother ! " He then approached the bed and drew back the curtains Grandmother was lying there with her ​​cap pulled down over his face, and looking very strange . " Oh , grandmother, what big ears ! " - " To feel better. " - " Oh , grandmother, what big eyes you have ! " - " To see you better. " - " Oh , grandmother, what big hands ! " - " Better to grab you . " - " But , grandmother, what scary mouth ! " - " Better to eat you ! " And as he said these words, the wolf jumped out of bed and swallowed the poor Little Red Riding Hood .
Then, with beautiful belly , he climbed back into bed , fell asleep and began to snore loudly. Just then there passed in front of the hunter and thought to himself ' : " As the old Russian ! Need to look at it if you need anything . " He entered the room and approached the bed he saw the wolf that he was looking for a long time. He was about to point his gun when it occurred to him that perhaps the wolf had eaten the grandmother, who could still save her. So did not fire , but took a pair of scissors and opened the belly of the wolf asleep. After two saw cuts shine Little Red Riding Hood , and others after the girl jumped out , shouting: " I was so frightened ! Was so dark inside the wolf ! " Then the grandmother came out alive. And Little Red Riding Hood went to get some large boulders with which they filled the wolf's belly , and when he woke up and tried to run away, but the stones were so heavy that he fell down and died.
They were happy with all three: the huntsman took the wolf's pelt , the grandmother ate the cake and drank the wine he had brought her Little Red Riding Hood and Little Red Cap thought s ' : "Never again 'll run alone in the woods , away from the path , when mom tells me not to . "

They also tell how Little Red Riding Hood once again brought a cake to the old grandmother, another wolf and had spoken to her , trying to convince her to deviate from the path of Little Red Riding Hood , but it looked good , went straight to his way, and he said to grandmother had seen the wolf that had greeted her , looking at her with fierce eyes , however : " If we were not on the public highway , I would have eaten ! " - "Come, " said the grandmother , " we close the door, so do not enter . " Soon afterwards the wolf knocked, and said, "Open , grandmother , I am Little Red Riding Hood , I'll take the cake . " But those , silent , not opened , then the evil wandered a bit ' around the house and eventually jumped on the roof to wait for Little Red Riding Hood , in the evening , take the way back : he wanted to follow stealthily to eat it in the dark. But the grandmother knew his intentions. In front of the house there was a large stone trough , and she said to the girl : " Fetch a bucket , Little Red Riding Hood , yesterday I cooked sausages , bring the water in the trough where han boiled. " Little Red Cap carried water until the great trough was clear full . The smell of the sausages went to the nostrils of the wolf , and he began sniffed and looked down , and eventually stretched his neck so that he could no longer restrain himself and began to slip : slid from the roof right in the great trough , and was drowned . Instead, Little Red Riding Hood went home all happy and no one did hurt .

                                 Little Red Riding Hood (Book One) -  Grimm's brother

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